Shock as Changeworker resists change!

As someone who goes by the title of Changeworker, I’ve been very bad. Very bad indeed.

Here’s the thing. Doing the kind of work I do –  empowering people to embrace change and do it easily, I should know better, and yet, dammit I fell foul of yesterday.

OK, let me explain. Yesterday was the last day at nursery for my soon- to-be-4-year-old. It started me thinking about how these last bliss-filled years have just flown by. And how, because they have been well, if I’m honest, the most purposeful inspiring, educational and happiest times of my life, I did not want my son to enter primary school, it seems he was just growing up too fast. Children are little for what seems such a short time (to an adult), and yet, as I recall as a child, time . . . went . . . . s    l   o   w   l   y   .   .   .

(aside) It’d love to know (neurologically) why such massive age-specific time distortion occurs, so if you know –  tell me.

With the application of a few of the NLP thinking fundamentals (perceptual positions for the NLP Geeks), I realised that actually, this was a wholly selfish way of behaving. I hadn’t wanted him to continue to evolve and grow, because of fear of losing the wonderment that this initial phase of life had blessed me with.

Intellectually I know that this is illogical spock, and yet there is still a twang of emotion.

Nice to know I’m still human, in spite of all the NLP ‘woo-woo’.



  1. PhilPhil07-19-2009

    Hey Al! I didn’t know you had a new blog.

    Like the story about your young lad. They do change, don’t they?



  2. MichaelCMichaelC07-24-2009

    Whatever way you look at it there’s always something special about a child… even when he/she has grown-up. That wonderment can be found in the weirdest of places throughout a lifetime; just the other day my Dad was surprised to hear something about me and experienced that wonderment again… I’m 37 and he’s 70!

    So, here’s to many, MANY more years of great wonderment for you and your kids! 😀

  3. wendywendy08-16-2009

    I understand that you are not keen to relinquish the wonderment stage to the rigours of the school classroom. You just have to use your knowledge to undo some of the limiting beliefs that schools sometimes instil in our children. He’s still so young !!!! Here south of the equator our children enter later and i’m all for that. The nordic people send their children much later than the norm as well. The first seven years of a child’s life is so important and needs much input from us as parents. So Al – your more important than ever now!