Transparent promotion!

I like transparency. I recently got asked by an up and coming hypnotherapy directory website to write an article on their site to promote them, and in turn they’d feature me in their list. Not a bad trade in my opinion. I like to do skill swaps and reciprocal information exchanges sometimes.

Whatever that means.

OK, so here’s my blatant ‘pimpage’ of

Firstly the site has a nice clinical feel to it, important to a lot of people, that I’m a healthcare professional
look. I think these guys do it admirably. I think that the actual search box doesn’t need such a massive background image:

And it also should be the FIRST thing a visitor sees –  but that’s just my opinion.
That said, I like the way the search box gives the idea that you can search by pretty much any way – postcode, town or by the type of issue you have: fear of flying for example. That’s pretty cool.

I did a search on my postcode (checking out the competition of course) and the results were in a nice format –  you see a thumbnail of the Hypnotherapist’s face and  a title of the person, with the usual Dyp. Hyp. Stuff after most of their names, and a short 2-3 sentence intro about the person or their work. Clicking this will take you to their profile page, which looks a lot like a one page summary of the Hypnotherapist’s website itself. Nicely done, as a lot of us ‘Hypnos’ can get a little carried away with jargon and new age crap (pictures of butterflys, streams and attractive catalogue models punching the air in victory) –  And I should know, I have done all that stuff!

So anyway- yes – the results screen gives a nice list and it’s super easy to navigate as well.

The ‘Hypnos’ all seem to have a seal of verification:

That indicated that some level of checking has been done to ensure the Hypno isn’t a charlatan and is qualified to the level they do say they are. It’s a nice touch that some members of the  public might find comfort in, though I’m not sure how much digging resources the directory can do, considering it’s heavyweight list of members, but it does show a concern of care – which is a noteworthy thing, in my opinion. I also like the way that the profiles page lists all the relevant info you’ll need to contact the hypnotherapist – i.e. relevant urls and contact details. Just as you’d expect to see.  It’s worth genning up on the legal speak –  on the footer at the bottom of the page, it’s well laid out and clearly states that the site isn’t responsible for anything that happens to a  hypno client during therapy. While 99% of the time nothing like this happens, it’s good they’re covering themselves!

Information and advice button yields  a shedload of great articles that have been submitted by members, as well as  a summarizing page on all of the conditions it lists, viewable by clicking a link on the front page and linked to within the other text within the website, – good stuff.

All in all it’s a worthwhile site for people to visit to find someone in their area who, like me, can help them get the changes you want and fast!

Still, really, you just need to visit my site over at !

Anyway. Go use with my blessing, just wait a little while until I get my damn listing on there, ok?

After all, I promise:

No wind chimes

No whale music

No talking about your mother (unless the issue is about your mother).

I do promise results, as long as you follow the instructions and put in the required effort to do so.

That said, it’s easier than you think, and it means you own the changes, not me!

Have fun


  1. That said, it’s easier than you think, and it means you own the changes, not me!

    This is essential to all the important changework we do.
    I could dig into my codependency or work on the client`s model of the world.
    Cheers and keep up the good work;)