Made some progress? Then take your time.

In tonight’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, Professor Walder ran through a set of moves starting from a standing position, where both opponents are on equal footing then followed by a throw,  a mount then finally a submission.

A lot of emphasis was placed on securing and establishing your position when in mount. so often we try to immediately scramble to leverage something, anything to make further progress. What happens when you relax into the position you’re in, and while keeping your eyes on the ball, establish your position. Seems to be a fairly western mind set to rush rush rush not paying good attention of where we are *right now*.

When you do make some progress, do you stop to enjoy it? Is that even appropriate by your standards?

I don’t know what the answer is –  I know what my answer is – and I know that moving forward I’m challenging my own set patterns.
Maybe we move on to progress further –  fuelled by our small successes to greater heights.
Maybe we stop and bask in the glory of said progress. How often do we actually look to shore up or secure our hard earned win. Putting in place something that will help maintain that progress.
The drawback it would appear is that this slows down our momentum. Getting the ‘spinning top’ mentality – “keep doing what you’re doing and for gawd’s sake don’t stop, else we have to start again!”

Well, if we secure our position, consolidate it for a while, we won’t have to worry about that happening do we?

After all moving forward is good.

Moving forward to fast will leave you off balanced.

When that happens you’re less grounded. If you’re not very well grounded, how are you connected to the rest of us, and of that’s true how easy is it for you to fall down?

Taking your time is the new black.

Lighten up just a *tiny* bit and have fun.

  1. I found this to be very interesting.

  2. VictorVictor06-30-2010

    Real talk. I like the way you put the mindset into perspective.