You don’t have to be an alien or spirit manifesting moron to know Hypnosis NLP

Hey Gang.

I’m biting my lip. Right, Now.

Right now I’m biting my bleeding lip.

“Why?” You ask (well, at least you do, Mum)

I’ll tell thee.

Everywhere on Facebook it would appear to my personal set of filters, it seems to be awash with new age types that are alledgedly ‘channelling’ entities –  such as spirits, or aliens from trans dimensional galaxies and stuff.

Alien NLP Hypnotherapist Alan Whitton

A romantic idea.



Here’s two who bring out in me the desire to tap them out:

1. Bashar

Bashar – Finding your highest excitement.

2. Story Waters (made up name?)

Story waters

There are loads more, and probably more prolific ones than these, but these are the ones I could be bothered to link to. I have nothing against these delusional do gooders, as long as they’re not fleecing the public of course.

I’ve recently noticed that lots more people, notably to me (considering they are my peers) among them are Clinical Hypnotherapists, NLP Practitioners and other “Please don’t call us pseudoscientists” types. While lots of us hypno-types are running round learning all the neurology and brain science we can, this is arguably scuppered by those goddamm leftie tree hypno-huggers! Like lots of contexts, the few sully the image for the many. Or something.

Hell maybe it’s me.

Maybe my own desire to see science explain things, or at least to evidence in general terms some of the outlandish claims has turned me into oscar the neuro-grouch. A friend of mine told me these people are simply trying to fill their ‘God Shaped Hole’. I’m not convinced tho, although it’s probably got something to do with the ‘greater than self’ thing that many people would appear to have., and something I’ve been guilty of in the past too.


Rant over, so get back to Hypnosis, Fighting and lifting iron.