Hypnosis with Builders

I’ve got the builders in…

They were built up [pardon pun] by pals as being quiet, efficient and tidy…

Last time I believe those pals.

This gang of Loft Extenders are overstretched. So they employ young guys who don’t care about making mess or noise, and don’t understand that as a Hypnotist, I like, in the main, quiet and that *I* can hear the sound of my own voice (I like it), as I work with the Subconcious Minds of clients that come to see me for lots of different issues, from the common problems like Anxiety and Phobias to things like Emotional Disturbance sometimes possibly caused by childhood stuff, possibly not.

Ironically, When the clients I see are in Hypnosis, they don’t pay any attention to the noises (I take care of that), but I just don’t think it is condusive to be hypnotised through a set of gritted teeth (mine)!

I read so much Hypnosis marketing stuff that pushes the calmness and soothing sounds of the ocean et al. Bring on the Whale sounds, that whole unrealistic tranquility kind of vibe. Well, fellow Hypnotists, you can now use the rhythmic banging and drilling as part of your Hypnotic induction, I’m proof of that. But I guess I’ve got used to Hypnotising and providing Mind Coaching in noisy MMA, Thai Boxing and Martial Arts Gyms for Fighter’s Mind clients, so maybe that gives me some weird edge, either that or I’ve got a foghorn voice (Wife just informed me it is the latter).

After a little quiet word with the builders they did keep their noise down as much as possible, and all without any Hypnosis.