Hard Knocks life

I never get used to hearing about some of the dreadful things that my clients have new through during some earlier part of their life.
Ranging from sexual abuse to mental cruelty and or physical torture, some.of this happens to them in early childhood, some later. When I’m working with clients that have had serious trauma in their life that is still causing them a strong degree of stress I do *not* offer tea and sympathy.
Chances are they’ve already received that and it hasn’t worked. I usually know that because they’ve called me and turned up.

From the outside looking in on such a session, It might even appear that I’m a little cold. This isn’t the case I’m pleased to say, in fact I want deeply for the person to get their desired outcome. It’s what they deserve, in my opinion.

I’ve found a combination of IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy and Deep Therapeutic Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) to work most effectively in the majority of cases.

I urge anyone who is experiencing this problem to seek a qualified AND experienced professional hypnotherapist in your area – that’ll be me if your in London or Essex then.

You don’t have to hang on to any crap from the past.
So think now, of how good It’ll be when you’re free of any of that junk that’s still holding you back , then perhaps call me and I’ll do my best to help you.

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