Taking Hypnosis on Holiday

So tomorrow I’m going on a short break to the beautiful town of Sorrento, Italy.

This will be the view from the balcony in the bar.

Hypnotic View

I’ll be there tomorrow night sipping on an ice cold beer (you know, the ones that get condensation on the outside of the glass), and munching a lovely selection of super-salty peanuts on assorted corn based snacks.

In the day I’m going to be listening and going over the final cut of a Hypnosis recording I recently did with fellow Hypnotist Joseph Kao.

It’sĀ  Ironic, because the title of the recoding is the Half Hour Hypnotic Holiday. You’ll be able to buy it fo a resonable price from here: It’s worth watching the intro video just to see the ludicrous scarf I was determined to wear (in spite of *knowing* I’d regret it very soon). It’s not available yet, – only the Happiness sessions is. for more on them go here:Ā

I’m interested to listen to the recording to see if we’ve captured an appropriate experience for you the listener.

I’ll let you know how I get on then šŸ™‚

Arriverderci. (or whatever).

  1. Gill AltonGill Alton08-18-2011

    30 minutes has been allocated in my tight schedule to listen to it tonight, I am sure it will be a worthy experience, and I am looking forward to it, I am sure you have captured a brilliant experience for ‘me’ the listener!! . As for for the ludicrous scarf – well you could have knocked me over with a feather…..tell me that was a bet wasn’t it!?!?……..

  2. Rebekah HallRebekah Hall08-29-2011

    Yes, I wondered about that scarf.

    I listened to “Hypnotic Holiday” last night, but can’t offer much of an opinion yet (think I fell asleep; lying down and too close to bedtime). Will do, later.

  3. adminadmin08-29-2011

    Yes it *is* odd. I knew I’d regret it, and was too stubborn and liking the ridiculous fayness of it – int he moment!
    Have you ever worn something that you thought *I’m going to regret this tomorrow?!*. It’s all Amygdallic stimulation in my books.