The Smell of Death, the smell of Dentists.

You choose: The smell of Dental injections or the smell of, well, death.

If you were to choose, what would it be?

Let me back up and explain.

So a while ago we had a couple of rats visit us.
I’d plugged up the hole in my brickwork with wire wool  (prevents rodents biting through it because it hurts their teeth) and so *thought* had seen the end to a furry visitors dining out on my bought-and-paid-for Penne Pasta and (albeit 3 year old) lentils.

Hypnotherapy for dogs

Tinker, the world's most rubbish pest controller

I was wrong, this has clearly has been circumnavigated, West Essex Hypnotherapy towers were again compromised!

So it was a Bank Holiday morning of filling the remaining cracks with em, filler to like, fill it. I thought I did a great job actually.

Sadly, this is knee-jerk stuff. One of my furry friends had already found its way in behind the pipework and dined on the copious amounts of strangely-blue poison put down by the council.

And I’ve just had my two Albanian handymen stick, nail and magically attach my kitchen’s new kick-boards. As one of them put it “STRONG!” <makes a fist>. Yeah, great, the world will be blown to hell, civilisation will be wiped out, but those goddamn kick-boards will remain standing. Damn. Damn. Damn.

So now I can’t get to the slowly decaying rat corpse.

But what I have been able to track is the way that the smell of the rotting rodent changes over time. And it’s interesting to me that I don’t have sufficient vocabulary to describe how awful it is or how different it becomes from day to day, other than

“It stinks like death”.


So instead of that, some natural room odouriser has been opened and it smells strongly of Cloves and very much like the smell of a certain injection I’ve had when I was getting the hell drilled out of my teeth. Unpleasant.

I guess we all remember something about the dentist, what do you remember?

So many people are scared witless of visiting the dentist, some come for Hypnotherapy, some let their teeth just turn to green goo.

Getting people prepared to deal with events like flying, going to the dentist o even speaking in public is something I do a good bit. Each of them have one thing or other they hold in their mind that is pivotal to keeping the problem in place.Could be a picture,  a line of self-talk, a smell or some kind of feeling.

Unpacking that and changing it is often the key in helping folks like that.

For me, I don’t *like* the smell of those damn cloves, but it beats the hell out of the smell of rotting rat.