The healthy pursuit of Happiness

Everyday I scan a newsfeed of Neurology headlines. I admit, I’m a research junkie.

Although sometimes I scan through them and mutter “well duh!”

Case in point:

Laughter has positive impact on vascular function

Young brains lack the wisdom of their elders, clinical study shows

Males believe discussing problems is a waste of time, study shows

See what I mean? All that stuff is in the sort of pool of common sense that most of us are endowed with.

But you know what, it doesn’t help to be reminded of it now and again.

When I train Martial Arts, I spend a lot of time continuing to perfect and refine and well, just practice the basic movements.

I know it all but it helps to maintain a high level of technique.


And right on cue, my little girl just told me

“I love to laugh” –

And she does….