Fighting, Property, Mindsets.

I’m lucky.

Lucky lucky lucky.

I get to work with a whole bunch of people. Not just people who come to have Hypnosis in my Hypnotherapy Practice over here in Leafy Woodford Green. Not just people who need help to change, get rid of a habit or get over something.

No, I also work with Fighters – helping them with Mental Performance Coaching using Fighter’s Mind but also work with Property Investors who are part of the Venus Property Mentoring Programmes.

The lady who owns Venus is my Joint Venture partner Gill Alton.

Now I don’t go into ventures with people normally, unless I’m extremely impressed by them, and that takes an awful lot. Gill is one such person. She’s someone who, in the property circles has a star that is in the ascendant. (I’ve been waiting years to write that phrase).

During getting to know Gill, and more importantly her successful attitudes and behaviours well, it got me a-thinkin’!

You see, it turns out that Being good at Fighting/Martial Arts has a few things in common with being a great ‘Propertist’ – yes, I just made that up.

So here’s just three such things that you will need to be good at either Fighting or Property….

  • Commitment. Think you can walk into a place and have instant ‘push-button’ brilliance? – Not impossible, as there will always be prodigies, but yeah, it’s quite unlikely. You need to be prepared to drag yourself out of your chair, and focus on becoming better at what you do. Day in day out. Week in – week out. Month in – month out. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rest –  you MUST –  because it’s only resting properly that will allow you to maintain this activity level and the consistent progression and maintenance of what you do know.
  •  Self Belief. This can build over time, but it’s good practice to start off by thinking and knowing you can do it and be brilliant at it –  whatever ‘it’ is. It might not always be true, but it sure as hell most likely foster better results AND make the journey to getting there much more re-assuring. I was going to write ‘comfortable’ but no, it isn’t always going to be comfortable. in fact sometimes it’s going to be downright painful. Step up and deal with it –  because that’s what successful people do.
  • Resilience. If you’re not the kind of person who can bounce back to the path that you were on before you got distracted/challenged/waylaid, then this is a skill you must learn.  Yes it can be learnt, and it’s a hard one to do so. Whether it’s returning to focus on your desired result after a loss or some other kind of failure, you’ve got to get your ass back in the saddle pronto. And the more you feel like giving up, the quicker you need to refocus back on the work. Learn how to take feedback, and act on it. Change that thing so it won’t happen again –  (as best you realistically can) and then there’s one less thing that is likely to go wrong in the future. Remember, us Humes survived because of our ability to adapt. That process isn’t finished, so let’s embrace it.

This list isn’t by any stretch exhaustive. But there’s enough to work with that by applying and attaining these things, are going to stack the hell out of your deck. And, as you may know I’m all about stacking the deck.

Also, seek out great exemplars (e.g. Gill) that embody these , or other skills that you want. Ask them outright. They’ll be so flattered they’ll nearly always give you some nugget of wisdom. So buy that person a coffee.
Buying people a coffee is always going to be well received.

So go get yourself a pay per view event and watch some UFC (Mixed Martial Arts). If you take everything that happens and treat it as a metaphor for business, what do you notice?

Let me know….

  1. RebekahRebekah10-13-2011

    “Buying people a coffee is always going to be well received.”

    Unless, like me, they detest coffee. Then buy them a tea. Or a water. Or whatever. 😉

    “it’s good practice to start off by thinking and knowing you can do it and be brilliant at it – whatever ‘it’ is.”

    YES! I wish I’d heeded this a bit more at the start of my school term. But it didn’t take me long to realize I can do the work, and do it well. So the rest of the term’s gone much more smoothly.

  2. John P MorganJohn P Morgan10-13-2011

    Dude! My friend Jake, who you have emailed, is both a property investor and Muay Thai instructor. I will share this post with him! Awesome!

  3. John CallananJohn Callanan10-13-2011

    Great Article Alan !!! Love that piece about UFC 🙂 I only got to see some of these UFC events a couple of years ago … I became embarrassed at my standard of Karate and my ability to fight …