We’re all different.

Just a quickie today.

We’re all different. Among all the people I’ve worked this week with a Young man who is a Champion Thai Boxer (won his title in Thailand),  and a  man in his late 50’s who’s never fought beforestick out the most.

I was seeing both of them for Fighter’s Mind stuff –  the Fighter-specific Mental Performance Coaching I specialise in.

What interested me was the response of these two fighters during one particular component of the Fighter’s Mind programme (it’s more like a smorgasbord actually, but anyway) and that’s a technique I use to link powerful states and feelings to a switch that a fighter can turn on at a given time in an appropriate context, to access said states.

One of the men went into overdrive, fair dinkum turbo charged, the other there was little that was not much that was noticeable as an indicator of state.


Can you guess which was which?