Stop playing Brain dead violent games.

This will take one minute to read.

Most men enjoy playing the odd video game, and yeah, often these have violent content in varying degrees (Duke Nukem being my own guilty pleasure).

But now I’ve found this, it gives food for thought. Excessive (10 hours or more) playing brings on a lack of activity in the left inferior frontal lobe (the grey noodle between your ears).

Brain dead

I mean really, is that surprising? Again the latest findings in Neurology back up common sense.

Now, It probably won’t stop the odd ‘secret 30 minute alien killfest’ in me – ┬ábut it is food for thought.

It’d seem *is* something to what our significant other says (usually mums, wives or girlfriends) when they say

“Stop playing that mindless game!”

Here’s the article, what do you make of it?