My Facebook Address

Here’s what I wrote on Facebook last night. For myself as much as (if not more than) others.

I really hope that you get what you deserve, nothing more nothing less.
If you deserve ‘happyness’, Find it.
If you deserve anguish, relax, it’ll almost certainly find you.
This is where it gets complicated…
If you think you deserve nothing/misery/bad luck and/or that’s what you’ve gotten uptil now, congratulations – you’re probably getting what you planned for.
If you’re tired of the same old shit and are prepared to BE and DO different (albeit with help) then you know what you must do.
If you don’t know what or how to do that, contact me privately. I promise nothing but to try my best.

In short, continue to bring to mind (or at least do it fairly frequently) what you’re going to do with your remaining heartbeats – ┬ábecause you better believe they are finite.

And this symbol below means Zombie in Chinese.

See the connection.