Hypnosis is still in the dark ages (or the perception of it is)

I was sitting in the dentist yesterday with No. #1 son, who had an appointment.

Across from me in the waiting room was a lovely essex grandma.

Black crushed velour tracksuit on, dyed blonde hair and full make up on. She was obviously taking her grand-daughter for an appointment.

Grandma was schooling the young girl on how it was good that Katy Holmes had a favourable divorce settlement from Tom Cruise – because he is in a cult.

At that moment the girl picked up a leaflet on a local hypnotherapist (not me). At this point, on  looking at the photo of the Hypnotist,( who I am sure offers a confidential and effective professional service) older lady started to waver her fingers annoying ly in the face of the girl going “Woo Woo” in the way you do to make something seem a bit spooky.

I groaned inside at this. but it got worse.

So then she muttered something about tom Cruise being in a cult and did the same damn “Woo Woo” and the hand thing.

Great, so all Hypnotists are forever doomed to be thought of in the same terms as an alien worshipping brain washing cult.


I changed my posture licked my lips to attempt to ‘re-educate’ this lady when I hear…

“Mr Whitton, please take your son into room 2”.

She was saved by the bell.

So this lady in her autumn years maybe alone in carrying outdated concepts of Hypnotism and Professional Hypnotherapy, but somehow I doubt it. I’m thinking that as Hypnotherapists, in Essex, London or Timbuktu we need to bring our image into the 21st Century, and probably aligning ourselves to Neurology may be one way to go about it.

We have a long way to go, but isn’t that half the fun?

By the way, My son has an abscess on his gums.


That is all.