Whale song and Wind chimes do not Hypnosis make!

A fair amount of my business comes to me in the following manner:

  • Client seeks hypnotherapy, maybe he or she lives in West Essex or East London (sometimes further out).
  • Client fires up Google, is bombarded with Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners with shiny websites and motivating images and headlines.
  • Client books with one of the better looking websites and the kind-faced hypnotherapist.
  • Client attends session, weirdo hypnotherapist does not set expectations about what they're going to do, how they work and just ends up delivering self help emotional claptrap and feel good stuff, without addressing the issue the client came to the session with, often without being hypnotised.
  • Client leaves disappointed and researches Google, this time booking me because they think I am 'bonafide' whatever that means.

So, if you're wondering how to choose a hypnotherapist and you've been burnt by wasting money on wind chime owning, relaxing whale song music being played in the background type hypnotherapists then you need to ask questions before you book.

Ask the therapist What processes he/she uses, ask about how successful they are. 

Ask them "have you ever not been able to hypnotise someone." – If they say

"I have hypnotised every client I have ever worked with" – then, in my experience they are either a liar or they don't know what hypnosis looks like. Nothing is perfect, no process, no person. And that's just fine.

I say this as I've worked with clients who have been poor hypnotic subjects (or I haven't hypnotised them they way that works for them) and this is why I use other tools, such as Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) or elements of NLP or another brief change method. 

Lastly, you should recognise that there is no magic wand. These tools can get you what you want, but the biggest element is *you*. Come into a session without expecting to engage, explore and work towards your solution, will not work. So, logically, a willingness to work and explore different solutions, and commitment (to yourself) that you'll actually *apply* the things covered in the session will give you the best chance for success and your personal freedom.

I am, as you can see, terrible at marketing, but pretty good at being realistic and straight with you. (Or at least I hope so).

So if you need help, get in touch, *maybe* I can help!