No one is coming to help you!

First watch this and feel better!

I love this song, and it gets me every time.


Because it’s inspirational, motivating, acknowledging the past and its challenges and HOW WE GOT THROUGH IT (important!) before bringing us back to the now, and celebrating it.

This speaks to me about claiming your life as your own, and that only *you* can do it.
You might need some help *ahem * but you CAN do it.

My Friend James told me a nice little line he heard recently and I love it – because it’s scary, truthful and motivating in a ‘do-or-die’ kind of way.


Are you like me?

Does this give your gut a little quiver of panic?

Yup, me too, but now own it.
And decide that you’re going to define yourself *because* of it.

You can GET help, but that’s YOU being active and seeking it out – do you see the difference?
One is passive, i.e. someone coming to help you and getting help is you being actively taking action to get help.

So what about this post – isn’t this ‘coming to help’?

Well no, because you used your willpower and wisdom to come and read this far, so that means you totally owned it.

Well played my friend, very well played.