Learning a painful lesson – to slow down – and how sharks breathe.

Avoid headaches - slow down.

Dear Reader,
Today I’m writing from my (new) laptop with a bad headache.

“So why don’t you get rid of the headache using self hypnosis or NLP?”

This is true that I can successfully do this, and have done so historically to myself.

So why not today.

Because today I’m listening to my mind. My mind is telling me to S-L-O-W D-O-W-N.

Let me clarify.

Not: ‘Stop doing X’
Not: ‘Do less (although I am a fan of this)’

Just: Slow down. Take more time. Check a little more. Be present, because that worry that’s trying to drag you by the arm into tomorrow is a liar. There’s nothing there, it’s a mirage. Living that way will nourish you, reward you and benefit you as much as a mirage does.
Yep, it’ll do sweet nothing for you.

Other than rob you of the present, which is a gift *wince*

So I’m not medicating my discomfort with a pill, with some fancy NLP Process or some spooky Hypnosis technique.

I’m going to mindfully experience what feels like 2 fists squeezing either sides of my temples and I’m going to listen to it, and be silent/borderline penitent.

I have to learn the lesson to slow down.
I have to REALLY learn it.

We’ve all heard the line about how a shark never stops moving, that if it does it dies.

Well, yeah, it turns out that that’s primarily how some of them breathe (via Ram Ventilation i.e. ‘ramming’ oxygenated water through their gills).
And while this is true, I’ve seen plenty of footage showing sharks swimming pretty damn slowly, without dying.
In fact, there have been sightings of some sharks that are effectively still – and these use a different method (buccal pumping – the shark actively draws passing water into its mouth and gills).

What’s all this got to do with my headache?
Because I’m being realistic. We live in the western world. To think that we can just stop, isn’t happening anytime soon.
To think, however, that we can pause for a few moment, consider, breathe, then continue, well that’s something we can all get our head around.

Today I misspent some of my time in planning/concerned for the future, not paying full attention to the brilliant present right before me.
I ended up taking hasty actions that I’m now paying for. Not dearly, as I managed to claw back some of the ground, but not all. So for the cost of a headache and a hectic afternoon of flailing wildly have I almost got back to where I started from. The content here is unimportant, what matters is this:

You don’t breathe like one, look like one, and while some people behave as predatory as them occasionally, that’s where the comparisons end.

So I invite you to benefit from my undoing and my headache – and do what I didn’t and SLOW DOWN.

Your future will take care of itself if you come home to now.