About me

I’m Alan Whitton, a Coach and Therapist living in Woodford Green, Essex, UK.

I’ve been working for the past seven years helping people to change themselves or some aspect of their lives.

Seeing people I work with reach goals, smash problems and and continue to develop themselves, often in spite of hardship and challenge, still gets my blood pumping and is why I do what I do.

When you commit to working with me, I commit to you,  I attune myself to *your* goals or wants and then I want you to get them, like yesterday, with every part of me.

I understand that may sound a little weird, and I’m OK about that.

Common challenges that crop up throughout working with people are;


Self Belief & Worth


Analysis Paralysis

Lack of Focus


Work/Life Balance


Negative Memories and Emotions

Sometimes these are presented as other problems initially, but not always. During the work together I’ll use standard Coaching protocols, NLP, IEMT, Strategic Provocation, Hypnosis, Common sense, Mindfulness, Humour, and whatever else will help move you forward.

For some this will mean making progress in business, for some it’ll be getting rid of a nagging problem or memory, and switching up to a new focus, for others, it’s winning at their given endeavours, whether, Business, Sport, Relationships or general life.

There’s nothing wrong about wanting things or wanting to get rid of something, and your ability to feel deserving is an often discussed point in our work together, and a highly useful belief to foster. I’ll help you with that.

When working with people lacking supportive beliefs about their own worth, I will help them create them and an *active* regular practice for making these beliefs a cornerstone running through life in an ongoing way, – all in the face of life and its chaos and challenges.

There are themes that run through my life and work, ones I’ve found to be useful brush strokes to utilise;

Personal Strength – and the pursuit of it in all its forms.

Resilience – in all things, until it doesn’t pay to be resilient any more (knowing when is wisdom!).

Never Ending Progress – treating oneself as an ongoing project, balancing presence of mind with ambition.

Personal Flexibility – practising and knowing (two different elements) when to be hard on yourself and when to cut yourself a break, as well as other ways of shifting where your mind ‘is at’, and being able to move fluidly in between any required frame of mind.

A couple of things about my personal highlights in life:

Representing England for Karate

Winning English Heavyweight Thai Boxing and British Freestyle Kickboxing titles

Working with London’s homeless on a simple soup kitchen.

Collecting medical/educational equipment and clothing and toys, and visiting and distributing it to AIDS orphans and schools in Tanzania  

Raising children

My ongoing personal pursuit of Strength and progress in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

These are all things that have given me the greatest insights into my life and work, and I’m ever grateful for the lessons they have and continue to teach me.
I completely disagree with the philosophy you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – you just need to be more committed and prepared that it will take longer!

If any of the above resonates with you, give me a call. If I can help you out over the phone with a few pointers I’ll gladly do so. If after a discussion together you feel you’re ready to commit to working on your issues or focus, and we both make a good fit, then we can move into working together.

Feel free to call me on 07903 713234 or email me: al@alanwhitton.co.uk