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Learning a painful lesson – to slow down – and how sharks breathe.

Avoid headaches - slow down.

Dear Reader, Today I’m writing from my (new) laptop with a bad headache. “So why don’t you get rid of …

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Whale song and Wind chimes do not Hypnosis make!

A fair amount of my business comes to me in the following manner: Client seeks hypnotherapy, maybe he or she …

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The Anxiety Epidemic, Alarming Statistics and Strategic Scaremongering

Firstly some statistics, taken from Mental 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem in …

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Alan Whitton Comments on The National Council of Hypnotherapy’s response on new Phobia Statistics

The ‘National’ Council for Hypnotherapy┬árecently responded to some new statistics on phobias and those reporting to be suffering with a …

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