Personal coaching


You need to work on one or several elements of your life. Maybe it feels there’s something that you must to move on from, or perhaps that there is something holding you back. Sharpen your focus on the future and build solid supporting beliefs to get you where you want to be.
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Business Coaching


Your Business needs you to perform consistently at high levels. Work from a place of purpose, have calmness under pressure, appropriate work/life balance and accountability. Get solid experienced counsel on your team, backing you and motivating you over a longer term.
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From time to time we all need some help to get over problems in life. In today’s busy society nearly all of us know someone that suffers from Anxiety, Fears or Emotional Upset. Together we’ll work through your issue using NLP, IEMT, Hypnosis and Behavioural Therapy.

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You need to be at your best for a specific event. It might be an opportunity for Public Speaking, a big competition or your first ever sporting event. Build rock solid performance states, learn how to deal with pre-event nerves and factor in well-practised robust beliefs about your ability.
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