Business Coaching

Consistency, Resilience, Endurance, Flexibility

Consistency, Resilience, Endurance, Flexibility

If you are a Property Investor, Small Business owner or working within a high pressure Corporate environment, this is your page.

Everyone suffers from a lack of focus and motivation at times. We all, at some point, stray from the path we should follow, but with some work and maintained effort we can get back on the path, get a more efficient mode of travel and maybe even learn to enjoy the journey to your destination or goal.

I’ve worked with a raft of business people to help them move from wannabe business owners to those already working for themselves, as well as persons heavily involved in a corporate climate too.
“I have had a number of coaching sessions with Alan and he was fantastic! He cut straight to the issues at hand, provided great advice and then embedded the learnings into my subconscious. My business focus and success has accelerated thanks in part to Alan’s help and I highly recommend his services” – Property Investor & Mentor Jamie Madill

I’m pretty good at connecting people to their purpose, or indeed helping them discover their purpose. I’m also good at sticking a rocket up backsides where appropriate, which is what we all need now and again. There are caveats with our working together though, I will make you accountable for your actions, get you commit to them wholeheartedly and use every psychological trick of influence and persuasion I know to leverage you into doing what you need to do, so you get where you want to be. It’s your livelihood and my reputation at stake after all.
“I will use every technique, every psychological trick of influence and persuasion I know to leverage you into doing what you need to do, so you get where you want to be.”

About the sessions

The structure of these sessions vary. The processes I use include (and are not limited to) are Coaching processes, NLP, Hypnosis, IEMT, Strategic Provocation, Classical Conditioning and Metaphor exploration. And of course Common Sense. For some, a couple of sessions as a brief ‘straightener’ or course correction is sufficient, while others want to go deeper and opt for a Business Coaching Programme for longer term support from me. Sometimes you won’t know until we get into the session, and you can decide what you want to do then.
I only work with a few business folk concurrently however (no more than 5 at any one time), because it’s hard work, time consuming, and there’s a lot riding on the success of the programme.

What I expect from you

I will expect you to commit to working at the process at least as hard as I will be, which will with every part of me. We’ll agree on your actions in the sessions, whether face to face or over the phone. It goes without saying that you’ll strive to get these done, as they’re the indicators you’re making progress towards your goals. A final point, don’t think you’re just going to sit in my rather uncomfortable chair and ‘be mojo’d’ or hypnotised into being a commercial leviathan overnight. You’ll be 100% responsible for all your success, that way it’ll be YOU who owns it.
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