Performance Coaching

Be it sports person or business person, ask any top level Peak performer what the difference between winning and losing is and often they’ll tell you that the crucial factor is their mental toughness or mindset that makes the difference.

Who is Performance Coaching for?

This is reflected by the increasing number of people who are including NLP & similar psychological training methods into their programs. Whatever your field of endeavour is, the mental aspect can always be leveraged and improved upon. In the the pursuit of excellence, there are specific changes that once made are going to make a noticeable difference to your performance.
These range from:

  • Emotional Control
  • Strategies to correct and enhance existing methods
  • Getting and maintaining extreme focus
  • Accessing your winning Identity
  • Developing winning confidence
  • Learn from and move on from past losses
  • Forging Mental Toughness and resilience
William Thomas – Head Coach (National Kumite Squad) at English Karate Federation
“On behalf of the English Karate Federation my role as Head Coach is to source and identify services that maximise performance. Alan has provided psychological performance training to both group and individual performers, from building confidence, managing anxiety or simply reinforcing established mind sets.
I highly recommend him and continue to recommend his services to our elite athletes.”
Why me?

I am highly experienced in coaching those involved in both World Class competition and other peak performers alike. I’ve worked with athletes so they became European Champions and World Champions. I’ve coached interviewees to help them get their dream job and helped high-powered business people nail board level presentations. I’ve worked with quiet little ladies who have to a speak authoritatively to a roomful of grizzled police officers and helped female Property Developers successfully manage and win over a gang of dismissive sexist builders.

I’m a former English Thai Boxing & British Freestyle Kick-boxing Champion, and have represented England for Karate in the European Championships. I’ve run and launched live TV Channels to airs, sold pots and pans cold-calling in tough South London Council Estates and I have an innate understanding of the pressures that high level performers experience and their needs.

7 reasons how my Performance Coaching will help you
  • Identify your existing successful strategies amplify them
  • Accelerate your Goal Setting and Achieving
  • Belief change – transform negative beliefs that are holding you back from winning into powerful new beliefs that will help you succeed.
  • Increase Concentration & Mental Focus
  • Achieve Advanced state management – get you into your high performance ‘Flow State’ more frequently and easily
  • Learn Precision Mental Rehearsal for your event
  • Gain Killer Confidence
Wait, what the hell is this Performance or ‘Flow State’?

This is when you are performing physically and mentally at your best. Where everything just ‘flows’, and your successful skills & behaviours are ‘in the muscle’ so much so that they become unconscious.

This means that when your ‘Flow State’ occurs you’ll have no conscious awareness of it – you’re literally just ‘being’ in the moment. When asked, people will often just shrug and say “I don’t know, it just kind of happened” This is because it’s outside of their normal conscious awareness.

So give me a call on the number below or email me – and we’ll work so you get the performance you need to.