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Glass half empty or half full – how you experience stuff is keeping you miserable

I’m going to talk about another ‘Pattern of Chronicity’. If you read my previous post, you’ll know that these are …

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Maybe Man – how uncertainty and lack of commitment makes a cozy bed for problems

I’ve just finished co-presenting an IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) workshop with its developer, Andrew T. Austin at the weekend. This …

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I cannot get rid of your Anxiety using Hypnotherapy NLP and IEMT. (But YOU can).

With every week that goes by, I see more and more clients for Anxiety issues. While the structure or the …

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The first and last question you should ask yourself when you want to change

I say this to every client I see. It’s a question that’s so simple, it’s often overlooked. Despite its simplicity, often when …

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New year – new you?

Happy New Year! as it’s the 9th of Jan you’re probably tired of hearing that, so I won’t repeat it! …

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