I coached Natasha during 2014 and continue to in 2015 – it’s a mixture of Personal and Business coaching. She has transformed herself brilliantly, and continues to do so. I’m genuinely proud to play a part of the process that leads to these testimonials.
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I have worked with Gill Alton for the past four years as her Personal and Business Coach. In that time she has written a book, started two new enterprises and has become a sought after speaker on the Property circuit. Her level of output is nothing short of stunning.
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I worked with Rachel to help her with severe Public Speaking Fear & Anxiety. We worked together for three sessions, using a combination of IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy), Provocative Therapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis. As well as some excellent tasking.
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Flying phobia

I worked with ‘S’ for a couple of sessions to help her get over a debilitating fear of flying that was stopping her fulfilling her dream of travelling and seeing the world.
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I worked with ‘R.L.’ for a couple of sessions to help her get move on from a bunch of horrible memories that were causing her much anguish. She wrote this: “Dear Alan, No amount of money would measure the support and self belief you gave me at the most difficult time in life. Thank you.
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Andrew Austin

Author of The Rainbow Machine, Therapist, Trainer
I like Al Whitton. He’s a big guy with a big heart and I highly recommend him as a therapist who is continuously striving to provide excellence and the highest standard of care in his therapeutic work.

William Thomas

Head Coach (National Kumite Squad) at English Karate Federation
On behalf of the English Karate Federation my role has head coach is to source and identify services that maximise performance. Alan has provided psychological performance training to both group and individual performers, from building confidence, managing anxiety or simply reinforcing established mind sets.
I highly recommend him and continue to recommend his services to our elite athletes.

Nick Kemp

Creator of Provocative Change Works™, Founder of Association for Provocative Therapy (AFPT)
I have been involved in personal development for over 30 years and have therefore seen a lot of different types of people. The very best teachers and therapists have a combination of technical skills as well as being highly personable when working with others. In my view Al Whitton has both these qualities as well as a genuine duty of care towards his clients.


Buckhurst Hill

Before I started work with Alan, I was a little sceptical to say the least. I was suffering with anxiety attacks that were really starting to affect my every day life, I was ready to give anything a shot in order to feel normal again. I spoke to my local doctor who put me on a course of anti-depressants, needless to say with not the best affects on my body, nor did it cure the attacks. Within one sitting with Alan I felt a whole lot better and left with a new, fresh and more productive mindset. After three sittings the anxiety attacks were well under control and I am now anxiety free!! I would recommend anyone suffering with any anxiety or mental health issues to give Alan a try. It really has worked out for me and since the work we did together I feel a whole lot better!!. I worked with this man in 2009 – click here to see his Jan 2015 update.



I had one session with Al and I am still amazed and in awe of how he has changed my life. I filled my life with so much stress and worry and within just one session I managed to totally change my perspective on everything. I am now a calmer and more balanced person and finally someone I am happy to wake up every morning and be. Working with Alan has been the best decision I have ever made.



I feel peaceful now, after so much confusion and angst, the change and speed it happened, amazing! What I wanted was clarity, understanding, strength, freedom, to name a few, working with Alan has done this.
If I was told I would be feeling like I am now, a few months ago, I would have said impossible, in fact there were numerous times I said to Alan ‘I can’t do that’ then shortly after found myself doing just that, easily and confidently. Some of the exercises were rather ‘out there’ they did feel weird at first, but they worked.
Alan has done and much more actually, (than) what I thought I would get from psychiatrists being in hospital for 6 weeks, but never, they changed nothing just prescribed drugs. The work I have done with Alan has sorted my head out beyond belief, its been a number of years since things went wrong but I am so grateful I met Alan now!
I feel like I’m healing from the past and it feels absolutely fantastic. Oh yeah and I’m a non-smoker now too.
Thank you Alan for your generosity with your time, energy, thoughts, humour, (your tricks), and your wisdom.


South Oxhey

My session with Alan was certainly an eye-opener, in that it made me stop to think, ‘Oh, there is more to me and my life’. He really did open the doors to my perception than I had previously thought.’ It was as if I had to hear it from a neutral person, and Alan, I’m pleased to say, was that person.
My session with Alan was incredibly meaningful and was realistic to my needs. What I learnt from it meant a lot to me and my family, and that is thanks to Alan. I found my rapport with Alan was inspiring. I trusted everything he said. I felt comfortable in his presence, which is a very important factor, I personally think. Alan also makes an excellent guide – he takes you in the right direction with ease and skill. To sum up, it was definitely a valuable experience for me.


West London

I went to see Al for a session about a specific issue that was holding me back, depressing me and generally making me inert. In just one session he enabled me to remove the obstacle that was blocking me and my life has changed dramatically. In fact, I don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything! Al is a supreme coach and I highly recommend working with him.



I wanted to wait for a while before I wrote my feedback because I wanted to see how the work we did during the session would affect my world in the long term. I have to say that I am amazed to say the least. The metaphors that developed out of the hypnosis have proved to be thoroughly empowering. What is more the changes have taken root and sprouted and when I meet difficulties, it is as if a new branch sprouts, a new fresh green leaf, or a new chapter of this beautiful adventure which is my life. Thank you so much for whatever it is you did! It’s beautiful, wonderful and full of wonder! Thank you!


The positive behavioural changes in me were and continue to be dramatic. Having very little self belief and being at a point where I felt trapped and held back by my way of being, both personally and with my career, I was desperate to change this and wanted to move forward. From the first session with Alan I was able to identify in myself the areas that I wanted to change and Alan gave me hope His technique of getting to the heart of the matter, with with his refreshing and challenging approach. fun, tact, and expert techniques served as a compass for me, keeping my direction steady and raising my confidence. His relaxed style immediately puts you at ease and enabled me to quickly forget all that is going on around and concentrate fully on what was important. There is a determined edge to Alan’s coaching that always seeks to get to the root of the issue and once there offers a technique for getting quickly to a positive result. I would highly recommend Alan as a coach to anyone looking to enhance or change their way of being. The way Alan works delivers effective results and an enhanced way of being – FAST.


Ohio USA
Alan Whitton’s energetic style, fun personality and thought provoking techniques have worked together to help me make amazing changes in my life, and see things from a new perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend his work to anyone who is ready to make some positive changes!


It’s like you switched a switch inside and I decided to see things from a different point of view. And it started a ball rolling I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop. It was like a breath of fresh air to turn my thinking on its head


St Albans
After spending time with you I had my best sales month ever in the worst time ever! It has completely changed my outlook and I have truly put things in their right perspective, giving me enhanced focus. My boss called me into the office to quiz me on what was going on – and has since mentioned that I am a completely different person! He also said “I want what you now have because nothing seems to faze you anymore”. I am so much more positive in the job now! Thank you!


Alan’s powerful methods are truly amazing. I’m already seeing great results from just one, single goal-setting session with him and really feel that with Alan’s help I really am on the way to achieving everything I want to. His style is easy and warm and he’s given me some tremendous exercises which, when practised, seem to make my goals much more real – and reachable. I whole-heartedly recommend Alan if you want to apply some simple techniques to reach your own goals

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